How to add your pictures to the web site

A short article on resizing photographs of your artwork to upload to the website.
Adding pictures to the gallery

The gallery for Ceredigion Art Society is designed to show pictures that are 800 pixels wide. If your picture is in landscape format that means that the long edge will be 800 pixels and for portrait format picture the shorter edge will be 800 pixels.

When photographing your work try and make sure the camera is perpendicular to the painting - that way you will minimise distortion.

When you have taken the photograph you need to crop it to the area you want to be shown. By doing this you can remove any background or frame that you don't want to be shown.

When you have the picture as you want it to be seen you have to resize it. It is probably worth saving your image before you do this so that yah always have high resolution file.

When resizing you need to resize to a pixel size of 800 wide.

This results on a low resolution image that looks fine on a screen when browsing.

Save this image as (for example) picturetitlelowres in a JPEG format. This will give you a very small file.

When you have resized and saved all your images you need to supply some text tha will accompany your pictures in your gallery.

Using Word (or similar) simply write a few words about each making sure that the picture title for each section of text is clear.

For example:


Water colour on paper. 40 cm by 25 cm.

Aberystwyth harbour at sunset with the boats returning from sea.

When you have the compete set of photographs and text you can email them to the web team who can then open a gallery in your name and add your pictures and text.