Name: The name of the organisation shall be the Cymdeithas Celf Ceredigion Art Society, known in these rules as “the society”.
Aims: The aims of the society are to facilitate and encourage the practice and appreciation of drawing and painting in all media, as well as sculpture, ceramics, photography and all other arts and to make provision for at least one opportunity per year for members to exhibit their work.
Membership: The society shall be open to all that wish to join, and agree to be bound by these rules. An annual membership fee will be payable on 1st January of each year. A member is any person who has applied to be a member been accepted and has paid the current year’s membership fee. Each member is entitled to attend and vote at every AGM or any other specially convened open meeting. A member may only be excluded from the society as a result of gross misconduct, either toward the society or any other of its members or by participating in any action or conduct that any reasonable minded person would believe would bring the Society into disrepute. Any such decision to be voted on and decided by the committee. See also section on Complaints Procedure.
Committee: A committee consisting of at least 5 elected members shall run the society.
1. Chairperson
2. Deputy Chairperson (not essential)
3. Hon Treasurer (and membership secretary)
4. Hon Secretary
5. Exhibition Secretary
6. Events and Programme Secretary
All shall be fully paid up members of the society. The Committee may in their judgement invite an additional person to be President of the society for one year, if they believe that person has particular skills or experience that would benefit the society. That person may only vote if they are a member of the society. The committee may also invite additional members to serve on the committee, if they deem that the workload is too much for the elected members. All committee members must be given at least two weeks notice of any committee meeting. No committee meeting may take place unless there is a quorum of at least 4 elected committee members. All decisions will be made by majority agreement, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote in the event of no majority agreement.
All committee members may hold office for one year, and at the end of that year shall resign at the AGM. They may put themselves forward for re-election.
Duties of Officers: 
1. The Chairperson shall co-ordinate all society activities and preside over all committee meetings, except that in the Chairpersons absence, the Deputy Chairperson or another committee member shall stand in.
2.  If a Deputy Chairperson has been appointed, they shall assist the Chairperson and shall stand in for the Chairperson in their absence as required.
3.  The Hon Secretary shall distribute to the members such documents as required by the Committee after agreement with the Chairman.
4. One of the committee, or a co-opted member, shall administer all meetings, including committee meetings, providing an agenda and taking minutes of all committee meetings as well as the AGM.
5. The Treasurer shall supervise the Bank account and chequebook, shall record and account for all monies in and out of the society, and ensure that all authorised bills are paid promptly. The Treasurer shall keep a record of all members and ensure that only paid up members are included in the membership. At each AGM the Treasurer shall provide an audited financial report and balance sheet for the previous year, copies to be provided to each member present. The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the accounts of the society, which will be available for scrutiny at all reasonable times, and keep and maintain petty cash at a reasonable level sufficient for short term needs. The Bank Mandate shall require two signatories on every cheque one of which shall be the Treasurer plus one other member of the committee.
6. The Events and Programme Secretary shall be responsible for organising the society’s calendar, arranging meetings and booking the necessary venue.
7. The Exhibition Secretary shall be responsible for organising any exhibitions and booking the necessary venue.
Annual General Meeting: This will be held annually on a date to be set by the committee, at least three weeks notice of the AGM must be given to all members.
Officers shall each give a report to the society of their duties and actions during their year of office. The Officers shall resign, and a new Committee shall be elected.
Outgoing officers may put themselves forward for re-election, and members present may volunteer for election onto the committee. The membership and meeting fees for the coming year shall be decided. Members present may put forward any other motion, which shall be voted on, provided it has at least two other members to second it.
Elections: Elections shall be presided over by the outgoing Chairperson or their deputy. At all elections a simple majority of those members present will carry the vote. In the event that no majority is reached, the vote may be taken again. However, if on a second vote there is still no majority, the candidate must withdraw. In the
event of more than one nomination the first member to gain a majority of those present shall be elected. If any office remains unfilled, the committee may at their discretion, co-opt a member to fill that post.
Co-option: Should it be necessary, due to the resignation, death or ill health of a member, or for any other reason, the committee may co-opt a member to fill the gap.
Complaints: Complaints about any society activity, or against any member(s) of the society shall be made to any member of the committee, and must be debated by the committee. A decision regarding the complaint shall be agreed and relayed to the complainant. The society will only be informed of the complaint if the complainant agrees.
Variation of Rules: These rules may only be varied or changed at an AGM provided that all members have been given notice of the proposed change(s) and the likely effect thereof and where all present have the opportunity to debate and vote on the proposed change(s). 
Winding Up: The society shall be wound up only at a specially convened meeting, of which all members must be given at least three weeks notice. The disposal of any assets of the society shall be decided at that meeting.