Programme Feedback

Mary Lloyd-Jones 26th February 2010

Friday 26th February 2010

The Ceredigion Art Society welcomed Mary Lloyd Jones who came to talk about “Landmarks”. Mary is a very well established and well-known Welsh artist who has exhibited across the globe, most recently in China and Washington.

Mary gave a fascinating talk about her work starting with her early work as a child (which was far better than I can do as an adult!), leading through her exploratory years, up to the present day. The slides she presented showed her wonderful use of colour and abstraction to create her unmistakable paintings.

Mary explained that she uses her art to reflect her identity and her relationship with the land. She has a fascination with the ancient languages of Ogham and Bardic and uses these to influence her work, along with elements from the surrounding landscape. She is particularly influenced by the scars left on the landscape by the silver and lead mining across Wales and uses elements from these landscapes in her paintings.

After the talk, we had the chance to look at some of Mary’s sketches which she uses as a basis for her final paintings. A wonderful evening for all those who attended – thank you Mary!

More of Mary’s work can be viewed on her website