Programme Feedback

Friday 29th January 2010 - David Bellamy

The Ceredigion Art Society was very lucky in being able to invite the renowned water colour artist David Bellamy to give a demonstration at the January meeting. David specialises in painting mountain and coastal scenes, many of which are from beautiful places in Wales, although he travels worldwide to pursue his passion for painting.

The evening was a huge success with many new members attending the demonstration.
David painted a mountain stream landscape using a pencil sketch from his wonderful sketchbook. If only we all had sketchbooks like that! David led us through the limited palette of watercolours, demonstrating the mixing and laying of washes onto his large sheet of watercolour paper. He regaled us with anecdotes from his recent trips to Oman and Greenland, which made for a very relaxed informal evening. We all sat transfixed as the painting unfolded into a stunning mountain landscape scene.

David also brought along copies of his signed watercolour books for sale, along with pencils and brushes for those enthusiastic painters.

The easy manner with which David demonstrated made watercolour painting look so simple, and many members went away with renewed excitement at trying something new. Thank you David!