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Speaker programme 2018

January 26th
Gordon Miles
'Techniques of lithography in fine art'
We welcomed Gordon Miles at our first evening for 2018. Gordon studied photolithography in London and has lived and worked in Wales since 1980. He has had many solo exhibitions and group exhibitions including at venues The Royal Academy, the Royal Portrait Society and the National Library of Wales.
Gordon introduced us to the different methods of printing which included relief printing (for example linocuts), intaglio (etching an image into something using a tool or acid), silk screen printing (using organza stretched in a frame) and lithography. Lithography was first used in 1798 by Alois Senefelder as a cheap form of printing. It is based upon the relationship between oil and water and the printing plate is usually limestone.
Gordon talked us through the process he uses from looking at something, to sketching it and then developing it as an image for printing. He had several sketches, aluminium plates, film prints and finished pieces for us to look at during the break.
Gordon recommends getting familiar with the subject by drawing several times and the right composition is acheived.
Thank you Gordon for a great evening!

February 23rd
Ruth Koffer
‘Ruth Koffer’s drawings.
Question and answer session.’
Our guest speaker on Friday 23 February 2018 using a Question and Answer format, was local artist and tutor Ruth Koffer.
Ruth went to University at Hastings, but now lives near Aberystwyth. She specializes in expressive drawing including Still Life, Portraiture and Landscapes. Her early works were mainly drawn outside on A3 paper using charcoal willow and a plastic rubber. She experimented with oils but later focused on charcoal with a touch of colour.
When she moved to Aberystwyth, she started life drawing again, usually with charcoal. She likes to go to the Birmingham Buddhist Centre which has a big effect on her work.
About two years ago she went to London to study for a term and produced a series of artwork using pastel and pigment, which she has shown at the Buddhist Triratna Centre in Shrewsbury under the title of “This Precious Human Life”. She is into Mindfulness and Meditation and observed a tree for months before producing her artwork “Watching the Willow”.
Ruth showed us screen photos of many of her past and present works and the Question and Answer session provided an informative and entertaining evening. Thank you Ruth.

March 16th
A visit to the School of Art
Dr Harry Heuser
“Opposites Attract: The Art of Claudia Williams and Gwilym Prichard”
NB this meeting will be held at the School of Art. Please be there by 7.20pm

April 27th
Peter Lockyer
The intriguing title of Peter Lockyer’s talk on Friday night was “From Brixham to Bardsey via Rugby and the Rhondda collecting Welsh Art: Hoarder or Collector?”

The last time that Peter came to visit the Society was in 2012 when he talked about the restoration of the Brenda Chamberlain murals on Bardsey Island. In 2012 many of the murals were in a very poor state but some of them have now been restored by the group of five who, with Peter, include Jill Piercy, Luned Meredith, Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan, (who were at the meeting on Friday night), and Peter Lord.
As part of his “Journey as a hoarder or collector”, Peter donned a scarf made from brightly patterned old Next socks which he had kept for many years as he had been reluctant to throw them away. Also he revealed that he never threw away old tax discs and produced a long string of them all linked together.
Many of his early purchases were old pictures of bridges especially Crumlin Viaduct. He was particularly fond of a photo with Sophia Loren standing on the bridge during the filming of “Arabesque” shortly before the bridge was demolished.
Peter went on to talk about Mary Lloyd Jones. He had purchased one of Mary’s paintings and had it copied onto tiles for the wall of his bathroom. He showed us photos of the “grand opening” by Mary herself.
Altogether this had been a very entertaining evening. Thank you Peter for coming all the way from Coventry
Money raised on the night will go to the Bardsey Murals Restoration fund.

May 25th
Meri Wells
‘A Year in my life’

June 29th
Critics Night

September 28th
Tracy Strickland
‘Short Workshop’

October 26th
Steve Wilson
‘Palaeolithic Art II’

November 30th
Annual General Meeting
NB 7.00pm Start
followed by an Art Quiz

*Please note, these meetings can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances